Rambling Thoughts from the Rockies

Article by Anthony, a graduate student in the MAAA program at SPEA. During the previous academic year Anthony served as a Graduate Assistant at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater and will work at Cardinal Stage Company in the Fall. He is currently interning with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra in Denver, CO. 


Before saying anything about my internship so far, two weeks in, I’ll start by talking about my journey to Colorado and time touring this gorgeous state and country. I wanted to have my car with me in Denver so I made the two day ride from Bloomington. Driving through the verdant hills of the Midwest, the practically flat plains of Kansas and eastern Colorado, and seeing the Rockies rise in the distance after what feels like countless hours on the road (podcasts are great for roadtrips.) There was also St. Louis ribs from St. Louis and Kansas City BBQ at Joe’s KC, which is enough reason to load up the car for me. After arriving in Denver a week early, I took some time to go to the Rocky Mountain National Park, which is inarguably the most beautiful and awe-inspiring place I’ve ever been on this earth. (To be fair, most anything will be awe-inspiring after 6 hours of driving through the rain in Kansas.)

View of the Mountains from the Trail

View of the Mountains from the Trail

As mentioned, I’ve been working with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra’s development department for two weeks now. My experience so far has been updating documents, preparing donation request/thank you letters, and learning the 800-lb gorilla that is Tessitura. In several classes I’ve heard it stressed that the corporate culture is just as significant in enjoying the daily grind as doing something you love, and that has been proven these last 10 days. The day becomes something more than just work when the faces around the office everyday can throw out a joke as well as take one, and when they stress taking a break to watch a rehearsal as much as getting everything finished by the end of the day.

More stories and details will follow as the summer ramps up. Everyone is ramping me up for mail-stuffing day. I will finish this post with a small lesson; IU is a school after all. When searching for an internship or a job, don’t limit by geography too much. I’ve lived in the Southeast, Miami, Texas, Indiana, and now Colorado (for a few months) and I can attest that every corner of the country I’ve been has its positives. Explore the new part of the country, whether you are an East Coaster applying for a place in the West, a Southerner in the North, or a West Coaster in Texas hankering for a Vegan burrito, which you can find. Strike out, even the plains of Kansas are pretty. At least for the first hour.

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