Donor Data & Annual Benefit Planning: Week 7 at Cheekwood

Article written by Allyson, a graduate student in the dual MAAA/MPA program at SPEA. During the academic year Allyson serves as a Graduate Assistant at the Lotus Education and Arts Foundation and as a Teaching Assistant for Professor Wilkerson. She is currently interning with Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art in Nashville, TN.

I am in my 7th week at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art in Nashville and my experience continues to be chalk full of wonderful learning post 3 img 1experiences! One of my more recent short-term projects was analyzing donor data from the past three years to find what some of the trends were for the annual giving society. It was really interesting to see the organization from this perspective and compare giving trends with different activities and fundraising efforts.

Another project I am helping with is the annual family benefit, Fall for Cheekwood. This is a fall festival event to engage donor families and raise money for youth educational programming.

post 3 img 2

The event was voted to be one of the best family events in Nashville last year and the planning for this year’s event is already off to a great start! I am really excited to see how everything comes together for the event in September and hope to come back and visit for the event.

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