2017 Indianapolis Career Exploration Networking Trip

Anne Stichter is a recent graduate of the MAAA Program at IU SPEA. After growing up in France and England, Anne completed her BA in Theatre and Complementary Psychology at Anderson University before moving to Bloomington, IN. She now hopes to pursue a career in development and champion arts education. To read more of Anne’s writing, check our her blog post for ArtPlace America, “Learning and Leading: Symposium at Indiana University Explores Strategies for Bridging Divides”

“Fear is irrelevant – do it anyway.”

Joanna Taft of the Harrison Center for the Arts’ poignant words have taking residence at the forefront of my mind since last Friday’s CNET (Career Exploration and Networking Trip) to Indianapolis.

As a recent graduate of the MAAA program, steadily and doubt-defyingly wading my way through the mire of job applications, I am grateful (as usual) for the opportunity the CDO’s CNET trips provide to receive guidance and insight from the alumni who go before us and the active and professional arts administrators all around us.


MAAA Students and Alumni (L to R): Tehvon Fowler-Chapman, Nicholas Cooper, Katie Skayhan, Kiotta Marshall, Anne Stichter, William Henry Jr., and June Kim

Equipped as I feel by the degree I have gained, I have been plagued in the last months with doubts as to what I am truly capable of, what I should pursue, and particularly by fear that my estimation of my abilities is inflated, or naïve – in short, fear that I will fail. Ms. Taft’s words were able to cut through the web of doubt and point out that fear alone is not a good enough reason to avoid anything. It is irrelevant.

All this from one question during the roundtables! This CNET trip also enabled me to reconnect with alumni I shared classes with, to learn more about the network of arts organizations in Indianapolis, learn about and discuss job opportunities, build relationships with the students that will form the arts administration networks of the next generation, and ride the carousel (side-saddle!) at the Children’s Museum.


MAAA Student Katie Skayhan and MAAA Alum Anne Stichter Enjoying the Carousel at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

In short – if you are currently a student, I highly recommend the CNET trips. They have been, for me, a powerful investment in my future as well as my present.

Many thanks to the wonderful arts and cultural organizations that were able to participate and engage with our students during this trip:

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