My Summer with Heifetz

Sara Cruz, is a first year MAAA student at Indiana University. She is from Brasília, Brazil and completed her B.M. in Violin Performance at East Carolina University.  Over the summer she worked as an Artistic and Administrative Assistant at the Heifetz Music Institute in Staunton, Virginia. Kicking off her first year, she works as a Graduate Assistant for the IU Department of Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance.

I graduated from East Carolina University in May 2016 and I took a year off school to learn as much as I could about Arts Administration. I knew that I wanted to work for a music festival for summer 2017 and I knew about the Heifetz Institute for a long time from entering the music world since a young age. I sent my cover letter and resume and got an interview with the Managing director. I told her about my passions and what I had been working on in the past year and she managed to figure out the perfect position for me in their organization.

At Heifetz I had a vast array of responsibilities, my work did not only involve administrative work but I was also part of the Artistic team (the Ateam!). The festival was 6 weeks long with performances every single day. The Ateam was responsible for receiving performance forms from the students, getting approval from their respective professors, and arranging the pieces into 7 programs for the following week. Every Friday we presented the programs to the Executive Director and the Founder to be approved or changed.

For every week, new programs were made and sent to be revised for grammar mistakes. After approval they were printed, folded, and delivered to the hall. I was also responsible for emailing the musicians about concert attire, sound checks and concert call. Other duties consisted of printing and binding parts for students and faculty, and work backstage during concerts to make sure the next performer was ready to come onstage.

Before working for the Institute, I had some experience with artistic work and having a music background made everything fit nicely. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the work that I did at Heifetz, now I know I want to gain experience in event management, marketing, and development. I am sure that I want to keep working in the performing arts sector, but while I am in school I want to branch out into Theatre, Dance, and Opera and figure out which one I enjoy the most!

I have many fond memories from Heifetz that I will carry for the rest of my life, I learned a lot and I am very thankful to have worked with everyone there. I enjoyed working with the Executive Director and the Managing Director Jennifer Roe. Jennifer is the nicest and most kind human being. She really cares about her employees and I am beyond lucky for getting to work and know her. I also enjoyed working with the other Artistic Coordinators and the other RAs. I’ll keep following the institute and I cannot wait to see what is next for them.

Last updated 10.6.17


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