Note: If you don’t see an opportunity that is interesting to you, please check the list of common practicum work orgs listed below. The orgs on this list are generally open to hosting our students for various projects throughout the year. Some are also receptive to students’ developing their own project ideas and proposals. If you find an organization (on the list or not) that you would like to do a practicum with, contact them to ask for project opportunities/propose your own…and don’t forget: YOU MUST FILL OUT THE PRACTICUM PROPOSAL FORM!!

International students, please note the following:

*  Job offer letter template for CPT application

*  Practicum/CPT instructions – UPDATED 11/28/16!

*  The opportunities with the ** symbol next to them are available on-campus. These will be the practicum opportunities you will want to pay special attention to, as these are the ones that you are eligible to participate in during your first year (after the first year, you may complete practica off-campus)

// Updated 9.14.2018

***General list of common practicum work organizations

Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington | Arts Education – Winter Art Show Assistant Bloomington, IN

Jazz Education NetworkMarketing Practicum | Bloomington, IN

Mathers Museum of World Cultures | Multiple Fall Opportunities | Bloomington, IN | Posted 3/29

African American Arts Institute | Events and Marketing Practicum | Bloomington, IN | 1/31

Green Acres | Multiple Practicum Opportunities |  Bloomington, IN | 11/10

City Church | Marketing Opportunities Bloomington, IN | 11/10

Opera Maya |Multiple Practicum Opportunities | Bloomington, IN | Posted 9/27

Cardinal Stage | Multiple Practicum Opportunities| Bloomington, IN | Posted 9/27

**Office of Entrepreneurship & Career Development (Jacobs) | Project Manager Practicum |Bloomington, IN | Posted 9/7

Windfall Dancers | Multiple Practicum Opportunities Bloomington, IN | Posted 9/7

Quarryland Men’s Chorus | Multiple Practicum OpportunitiesBloomington, IN | Posted 9/7

Owen County Civic Theatre Company | Events Planning PracticumBloomington, IN | Posted 9/7

Buskirk-Chumley Theater |Multiple Practicum OpportunitiesBloomington, IN | Posted 9/7

**IU Arts & Humanities Council| Multiple Practicum Opportunities | Bloomington, IN | Posted 9/7

Bloomington Creative Glass Center |Multiple Practicum OpportunitiesBloomington, IN | Posted 9/7

**College of Arts and Sciences | Themester Practicum ListBloomington, IN | Posted 9/7

Echo Dance Company |Multiple Practicum Opportunities | Bloomington , IN | Posted 9/7

Lotus Education & Arts Foundation | Development Practicum| Bloomington, IN | Posted 8/30

**IU Auditorium  | Kids Programming Practicum | Bloomington, IN  | Posted 8/22

New Voices Opera | Multiple Practicum Opportunities | Bloomington, IN | Posted 8/21

Jazz Education Network Research Interest Group | Jazz Education Network | Bloomington, IN

**Mathers Museum of World Cultures | Multiple Fall 2017 Practicum Opportunities  | Bloomington, IN

**IU Arts & Humanities Council | Event Survey Opportunity | Bloomington, IN

**Ping Pong Productions | Chinese Social Media Development | Bloomington, IN                (More Info about Ping Pong Productions)

Indiana Limestone Symposium | Practicum Opportunity | Bloomington, IN

Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington | Practicum Opportunity  | Bloomington, IN

Bloomington Creative Glass Center | Multiple Practicum Opportunities  | Bloomington, IN

Center for Sustainable Living | Trashion Refashion | Bloomington, IN

Gather Handmade Shoppe & Co. | Multiple Practicum Opportunities | Bloomington, IN

I Fell | Practicum Opportunity | Bloomington, IN

Indiana Arts Commission | Practicum Opportunity | Indianapolis, IN

Owen County Civic Theater | Multiple Opportunities | Spencer, IN

**SPEA Global Fest | Event Planners | Bloomington, IN

The Tivoli Theater | Multiple Opportunities | Bloomington, IN

The Venue, Fine Arts & Gifts | Practicum Opportunity | Bloomington, IN

Windfall Dancers | Multiple Opportunities | Bloomington, IN

Writing for a Change Foundation | Multiple Opportunities | Bloomington, IN

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