This Blog

The Arts Administration Program blog serves to connect current, past, and future students through the sharing of creative content about student life in the program, student research, professional experiences, creative projects, and other program-related items.

With this blog we hope to achieve three objectives:

1) offer prospective students a true life glimpse into the lives of current students in the program,

2) give current students a space to discuss projects/research they are working on, work on content-creation and professional writing, and display creative projects

3) showcase alumni stories and allow alumni to stay connected to current student affairs

This blog is especially critical for our program: Arts Administration students are visual artists, musicians and creative thinkers—and they are involved in numerous professional and creative projects year round. The blog is a place of creative expression for our students, giving them an opportunity to synthesize their experiences and showcase their work while connecting them to alumni and prospective students. Enjoy reading about our work!

Check out our official SPEA web presence here:

MA in Arts Administration website

BS in Arts Management website

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